Texans for Midwifery-Austin is a consumer-based group working to inform families, the medical community and decisionmakers about midwives and midwifery care. We promote The Midwives Model of Care©  as a valuable birth option that should be available wherever women choose to birth, both inside and outside the hospital.

TfM-Austin educates members of the state legislature, city council, and local hospital administrators about the value of The Midwives Model of Care©, and how to make this kind of care accessible to all women. Our goals have been to remove barriers to midwifery care at local hospitals and to protect access to out-of-hospital birth with midwives.

Background and History

In the last seven years, Austin families have lost access to Certified Nurse Midwives’ (CNM) services in our hospitals. In April 2002, two physician groups announced they were shutting down CNM practices at Seton Medical Center and city-owned Brackenridge Hospital, making Austin the only major Texas city without midwifery care in hospitals.

Following these announcements, families rallied to support their midwives in the summer of 2002 -- first at a meeting of the City Council’s Brackenridge Hospital Oversight Council, and later at midwives reunion picnic downtown, where hundreds of families voiced their concerns to City Council members and hospital administrators. In response these events, TfM-Austin was formed to promote access to The Midwives Model of Care™ wherever women choose to birth.



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For information about legislative issues, including, but not limited to, Medicaid, please contact Brielle Epstein.

For more information about Texans for Midwifery, please contact Jennifer Shaw.