Bridget Brown

Bridget Brown

Bridget has been a Bradley Method instructor since 1999.   She has had 3 children all born with the loving assistance of midwives - her first with a hospital-based CNM practice, and the other two with a CPM at home.   It was a stroke of luck that led Bridget to choose midwife care for her first birth.   Her OB was at a birth and the practice offered her the opportunity to meet with the midwives.   She was ecstatic that she had the option, having read just enough to know that midwives fully support natural birth, already a path she had chosen to take.  

Bridget wants women to know they have choices in where and with whom they birth, and that the statistics and worldwide safest birth practices support the fact that midwives are the most evidence-based care practitioners. Bridget would love to see a shift to caring for uncomplicated pregnancies and births with the masters of uncomplicated pregnancy and birth - midwives.

Jennifer Doran Shaw


Jennifer joined Texans for Midwifery and the TfM Board soon after the birth of her first child. The care she received from her Certified Professional Midwife during her two pregnancies and home births was exceptional, giving her a strong desire to give back to the midwifery community.  Her passion is in educating others about the benefits of midwifery care, and specifically how the amount and quality of one-on-one care leads to fewer interventions and better outcomes.  Her hopes were realized when both her sister and step-sister chose midwifery care.  Aside from her own births, Jennifer’s favorite birth experience came unexpectedly when her sister called during labor and invited her to hurry over to be their doula. 

Drawing on her background in the legislative and legal fields, Jennifer organized TfM's Visiting Day at the Texas Capitol in 2007, 2009, and 2011, to educate our state leaders about the benefits of the Midwives Model of Care and the need for access to care in all communities.  When the legislature is not in session, she continues to sing the praises of midwives to anyone willing to listen.  While her family keeps her plenty busy, her “spare time” includes a yoga practice, occasional reading, and working in the school library.


Elizabeth Thomas

Elizabeth became passionate about midwives and midwifery aElizabeth Thomasfter the amazing experience she had with a Certified Professional Midwife during her second pregnancy and birth. Not only was having a baby at home empowering emotionally, the level of care she received from her midwife exceeded all her expectations. It opened her eyes to the difference the Midwifery Model of Care makes to the overall health and well-being of mothers and babies -- all women deserve access to this level of care.

Her professional roles as a doula, childbirth educator, and La Leche League leader have reinforced Elizabeth's high regard for midwives, as well as keeping her busy with wonderfully fulfilling work. She is also the proud mother of two little boys who inspire her to live more naturally and mindfully. When not playing Legos or Tickle Monster, Elizabeth loves to read, listen to music, watch movies, and plot travel adventures.

Christy Tashjian-Midwife Advisor to the Board

Christy graduated from The University of Texas School of Nursing in May 1994. She immediately began studying midwifery and started a homebirth apprenticeship. While apprenticing, Christy worked as a nurse in the mother/baby realm of healthcare. She started attending births as a primary homebirth midwife in November 2002. Since then, Christy’s practice has grown as she continues to support women in becoming the mothers they wish to be.  Currently, Christy serves as the second Vice President on the Midwives Alliance of North America Board of Directors and is working on her Women's Health Nurse Practitioner Degree.